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Plastic rapid prototyping and small series at low cost

Prototech Asia is a company specialising in rapid prototyping services and production of small series of plastic parts and metal parts (up to 200 units). Our prototypes let you validate a design, perform assembly testing or prepare the launch of a product. With many years in the sector of rapid prototyping services, we succeed to produce plastic rapid prototyping of the highest quality, both in terms of its technical functionality and its visual aesthetics. As experts in the plastic rapid prototyping field in China it is our mission to provide the best quality service and product!

With our experience in rapid prototyping and the manufacture of plastic prototypes as well as our presence in Asia, we are capable of delivering your plastic prototypes at competitive prices in just a few days.

We have expertise in 4 major rapid prototyping technologies

  • Stereolithography: additive rapid prototyping technique that works very similarly to 3D printing. It makes quick production of 3D plastic parts possible using an equivalent material. The mastery of this technology allows for 3D parts with complex shapes.
  • CNC machining: used by rapid prototyping services to ensure the production of visual and functional parts that are close to the series parts. This type of 3D prototype allows the validation of a concept or the performance of mechanical tests.
  • Vacuum casting: allows the production of small series of plastic parts in a few days. The prototypes are obtained by injecting polyurethane material into a silicone mould. The grades and nuances obtained are similar to those with plastic injection. The principal advantage of vacuum duplication arises from the tooling that generates significant economies of scale. This technique is mainly used for plastic rapid prototyping.
  • Plastic injection: process used to produce series parts. It requires an investment in a mould. In rapid prototyping, we create a simplified aluminium mould to lower the costs and decrease the time required. The visual and mechanical properties are identical to those of industrial parts.

Prototech Asia is an expert in plastic rapid prototyping as close as possible to series production reality with parts made of the right material with the right finish. We offer our rapid prototyping services to many sectors that use plastic prototyping, such as automotive, electronics, medicine, aerospace, etc.

Quotation in 24h

 Prototypes in 7 days

Plastic rapid prototyping services: the 3 stages of your project

The manufacturing of plastic prototype parts or in small series is the core business of Prototech’s rapid prototyping services. Turn your project into reality in 3 steps:


Please find below some illustrations of our best rapid prototyping services.

Bluetooth Box
Technology : Vacuum casting
Material : PU ABS
Finish : Matte paint finish

Technology : Vacuum casting
Material : PU ABS
Finish : Soft-touch

Technical part
Technology : Vacuum casting
Material : PU PA6
Finish : Mass dyed color

Technical part
Technology : CNC
Material : ABS
Finitish : Glossy paint finish

Technical part
Technology : CNC
Material : PC
Finish : Matte paint finish


Our rapid prototyping services are fast, efficient, functional and aesthetic. Check our news below! Follow our last news on rapid prototyping services:

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  • Buyer Reply

    Can you produce food storage items? if you e-mail me, i can provide more details.

    12 May 2018 at 4 h 33 min
    • Prototech
      Prototech Reply


      Many thanks for your comment,
      Yes we can produce food storage items with PE material and/or Food grade certifications.

      Looking forward to hear more about your project,

      The Prototech Team

      13 May 2018 at 19 h 52 min
  • Prototech
    Prototech Reply

    Hello, Many thanks for your inquiry !
    We send you an email as we need to know more about your projet.

    The Prototech Team

    16 August 2017 at 4 h 59 min