Choice of finishes

Choice of finishes

In addition to validating functional aspects, prototypes make it possible to evaluate the esthetic appearance. The choice of finishes is therefore important for the validation of a prototyping project. Prototech Asia, therefore, offers different types of finishes in order to create pieces that are aesthetically very close to the parts that will be produced in series. Among the range of possible finishes, Prototech offers:

  • The sanded finish (also called sandblasting) which makes the part slightly rough thanks to graining: blue part on the photo.
  • The soft-touch finish that gives a soft touch like velvet and a matte appearance: beige part on the photo.
  • The glossy/shiny finish that allows the part to reflect light: red part on the photo.

If the soft-touch finish is visually unrecognizable, the sanded finish reveals a regular graining of the part, while the glossy finish brings out the effects of lights.


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