Fiber-reinforced plastics

Fiber-reinforced plastics

Prototech Asia offers its customers the production of fiber-reinforced plastic prototype parts. We have PA6 with glass fibers or carbon fibers (commonly called PA6 GF and PA6 CF) at different densities (between 30% and 50%).

PA6 reinforced with glass fibers has very good mechanical resistance, and the parts obtained are very solid and can withstand extreme temperatures (120°C). Some industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, marine, building and aerospace use this material regularly.

PA6 reinforced with carbon fibers also has good mechanical strength, but its real asset lies in the fact that this material is relatively light. Like PA6 GF, PA6 CF is notably used in the automotive and aeronautical industries, but its lightness has also made it attractive for the production of parts for sports uses. From now on, we find plastic reinforced with carbon fibers in bicycles, fishing rods or even tennis rackets.

Although the lightness of PA6 CF is a weighty argument against PA6 GF, the cost of this material nevertheless remains higher than PA6 reinforced with glass fibers and is, therefore, less frequently used in prototyping.

For all your projects requiring high mechanical strength, do not hesitate to contact us through our quote request page.

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