rapid tooling

The Process of Rapid Tooling

Hands up if you want to get your product to market faster than your competition? If your hand is up, you've come to the right place. Using rapid prototyping to manufacture parts to test for component fit will help you [...]


Anodizing of aluminum and titanium parts

Anodizing is a surface treatment process applied to aluminum or titanium alloy parts. This surface treatment firstly makes it possible to protect the parts, giving them better resistance to wear, heat or the ability to withstand corrosion (anti-corrosion). Secondly, [...]

aluminium structure

Machining of metal parts

Prototech Asia makes you benefit from its experience in the machining of metal parts. Prototypes or small series, we manufacture your metal parts in a timely manner: we analyze your 3D file and you receive your quotation within a [...]

Proto Mold

Prototype mold or series mold ?

Plastic injection molds can be used for both rapid prototyping and end-use production of plastic parts. Be it for a pilot series of 200 to millions of parts, the injection process will mostly remain the same. Plastic injection molding [...]

Midest 2019 - Prototech Asia

Coming exhibitions for Prototech Asia

In the coming months, Prototech Asia will be attending plastic exhibitions and trade fairs in France and Europe. We will be delighted to meet you during these particular events. These are great occasions to forge new relationships and to [...]