Production of a complete housing

Production of a complete housing

Prototech Asia was in charge of producing a complete housing consisting of several plastic elements with different colors and finishes. This project was implemented in several phases. The first boxes were used to conduct functional tests which enabled the design office to make improvements.

Once the tests had been performed and changes made, the final box (made with vacuum casting and CNC machining) was reproduced 60 times. This quantity allowed our customer to very quickly have functional boxes that were ready to use. They were then distributed to the company’s sales outlets, which could thus have the first set of boxes without waiting for the injection phase.

This type of prototype also called a “housing” in our sector, required a dimensional adjustment between the different parts to guarantee their good assembly and the respect of the visual appearance.

Thanks to its numerous housing projects, Prototech Asia has developed expertise in this field of enclosures and assembled parts. If you have a project of this type, do not hesitate to contact us through our quote request page.



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