Keeping your ideas secret

As a manufacturer of prototypes based in China, we are often asked how we deal with customers’ ideas and whether or not we are trusthworthy. This shows us that there are very large fears of theft of intellectual property in relation to Chinese suppliers. Based on this fact, we would like to show you our point of view on this subject.

Our core business is the production of prototypes. Therefore, we have already accompanied many ideas on their way to a real product. For us, it is always a pleasure to help when it comes to implementing products.

  • Our belief: Confidentiality is in our blood, we can only exist because our customers are convinced that we will finish their project successfully, without giving information to others.
  • Our staff and manager: Your designs and 3D models will only be used to make your prototype. This means that our graphic designers and technicians treat the information as confidential and that your information and ideas will remain only with the project team.
  • Your files and pictures: These are stored on an internal server, which is backed up. Only the project teams and our managers have access to those files. We do not usually keep parts. If we want to use your photos, we will ask you and publish them only with your permission.
  • External partners: As our staff are forced to be maintain confidentiality, our suppliers do not receive any information about you or your project. If we have to subcontract parts, we have a contract with our suppliers to ensure that no information is shared with the public.
  • NDAs: We understand that you would like to protect your ideas and designs. That’s why we can sign an NDA that obliges us to respect your ideas and keep them as a secret. This contract will determine to whom information may be forwarded and to whom it cannot. The confidentiality statement we offer you represents an additional piece of written security for you. To us, each project is equally important and is thus processed with the same care and concealment.


For us, it is important that you not only receive good service and a good product, but also that you feel good about the cooperation.


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