Fulfilling Small Batch Orders for Agricultural Industry: A Success Story

Fulfilling Small Batch Orders for Agricultural Industry: A Success Story


In the world of industrial production, this project is particularly representative, especially because it demonstrates our expertise in consistently delivering top-notch products in small batches of 25.

Our client is a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for agroecological transition and production quality enhancement. Their scanners facilitate precise measurement of food product nutritional quality, ensuring sustainable and transparent food production practices.


Industry: Agriculture

Location: France

Product: Agroecological Guidance Scanners

Materials: PU ABS

Timeline: 17 days per order

Quantity: 25 sets per order


  • Precision Assembly: Achieving seamless performance required meticulous assembly of each component to ensure flawless operation.
  • Durable Rubberized Finish: Applying a durable rubberized finish posed a challenge, necessitating precise techniques to ensure longevity in harsh environments.
  • Incorporation of Branding Elements: Integrating intricate branding elements demanded careful attention to detail to maintain brand identity and visual appeal.
  • Integration of Metal Inserts: The seamless integration of metal inserts with plastic components required precise engineering to ensure structural integrity and functionality.

Our Solution

To tackle these complex challenges, our team utilized advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques. Each product was meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit and flawless appearance.

The application of the rubberized finish was executed with expert precision, providing both aesthetic appeal and unmatched durability to withstand the demanding conditions of the agricultural industry.

We handled the painting of the intricate green logo with extreme care, ensuring it maintained a width of just 0.29mm (0.0116″)

Precision was paramount in the overmolding of metal inserts, ensuring seamless integration with plastic components.

Additionally, we addressed several intricate assembly requirements:

  • Precisely managing the small gap between upper and lower covers
  • Achieving a seamless fit with a full circle of 1mm (0.0394 ″) ribs on the product’s edge
  • Installing and testing various threads and inserts as per the 2D plans to ensure flawless assembly.


 Consistently delivering high-quality batches has been key to our client’s success in this demanding sector.

Our expertise in assembly, finishing, design, and manufacturing ensures customer satisfaction and enhances brand reputation, reflecting our commitment to precision and excellence.

The final products blend aesthetics and functionality flawlessly, meeting agricultural industry standards.

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