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Identify your need for rapid prototyping

Prototech can assist you in determining the most suitable technology for your needs.

The most relevant choice of technology to use for a project depends on the technical and financial constraints. We will guide you in selecting the process. Nevertheless, below are some examples according to different criteria:


Quantity is an important criterion in the choice of technology. Below is a summary applicable to the majority of the cases.

QuantityStereolithographyCNC MachiningVacuum castingInjection Plastic

1-2 parts
  upup upup up down
2-10 parts
 up upup upup down
10-200 parts
 down up upup up
> 200 parts
 down down up upup


Our materials meet the standards and technical specifications listed below.

NormsStereolithography CNC MachiningVacuum CastingInjection Plastic
 Food Grade – – 8150 Heicast ok
 Flame resistance  – UL94-V0 : ABS, PC 8260 Heicast ok
 High-temperatures resistance  – PPS : 240°C
PEEK : 260°C
 – ok
 UV resistance – PVC PX521HT ok


To get as close as possible to reality, we are able to simulate several types of application in the plastics industry.

ApplicationsStereolithographyCNC MachiningVacuum castingPlastic injection
Inserts okokok
Thin wallokok

Lead time

StereolithographyCNC MachiningVacuum castingPlastic injection 
The production times are indicative.2-6-j
2 to 6 days
2 to 6 days

6 to 15 days

4 to 6 weeks


As not all finishes are applicable to every production process, below are two summary tables for clarification.

Finishes for plastic material

High-polishingGlossy FinishingMirror PolishingPaint Mass dyed colorVarnish Transfer Printing
Engraved marking Embossed marking Chrome plating
Stereolithography okokokokokokok
CNC Machiningokokokokokokokok
Vacuum castingokokokokokokokokokok
Plastic injection okokokokokokokokokok

Finishes for steel machining

High-polishingPaint Transfer printing (logo)IonizationBrushingEngraved Marking Embossed Marking Chrome plating
Steelok – –okokok
Brassokok – –okok

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