Project Process

Prototech Asia offers a wide range of technologies and materials to produce your plastic or metal parts:

Our services allow to validate the design, the functionality, or to prepare the serial launch of a new product. If you are not sure about the right solution for your needs in terms of material, technology or finish, our advice and support can surely guide you to the right solution.

A project manager is dedicated to the organization, coordination, and follow-up of the project. The key point is to have a right interlocutor who is directly committed to the success of the project. At each stage of the project, we provide you with close support and strictly control the project progress. In brief, our culture of transparency, flexibility and responsibility could lead us together to optimal solutions in terms of time, technology, and budget.

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What are the steps to receive your parts?


At the first step, we invite you to contact us directly through the website or to send us your request by email to the following address:

In general, we produce the plastic or metal parts only when they are conceptualized (3D files and 2D drawings). If this is not the case, we can refer to a competent design office. You should provide us with your 3D files and 2D plans, we accept the following formats: STP, STEP, IGS, XT.

Feasibility analysis

During the project evaluation, we carry out a pre-analysis to verify that there is no blockage for the manufacturing of the parts. We also advise you for the appropriate technology, material, and finish if necessary.

Discussions and quotations

Based on our comprehensive analyses by studying the project specifications, we make proposals and recommendations. If we detect any design problem, or should make some major optimizations, we will share them timely. It is a phase of exchanges in addition to being a phase of cost evaluation. Depending on the complexity of the project, we usually send our quotes within 24-48 hours maximum. This is the essential phase where the scope of the project is determined, and the foundations of the project are laid on.

Order Validation

The confirmation of quote is by the return of a signed purchase order or quote.  Except in unforeseen circumstances, It’s important to respect the schedule and the agreed conditions. All information is of course confidential and will only be used within our company.

Pre-production optimization

Within 24 hours, our technical team takes over all the elements for a more precise analysis before production, to validate certain points (threads, finishes etc.) and propose optimizations if necessary

Project follow-up

The production leadtime is confirmed once all checkpoints have been confirmed. The progress of the project is ensured by a dedicated project manager (in French or English) for effective and transparent communication throughout the project. We remain at your disposal any time during the whole production stage.

Quality control

When we finish the production, the QC team organizes the quality inspection strictly respecting the requirement predefined by both parties. According to the specifications and the 3D document, we check the conformity of the parts from different aspect: visual, dimensional, functional and assembly functions.

Control report

The control report is sent to you by PPT along with with photos and videos. We then wait for your validation before preparing the export.


We offer different modes of transport: Express (5-7 days) – Airline (10-12 days) – Maritime (7 weeks).

All the customer would receive the tracking link to track the progress of the delivery.

Quality returns

If our client detects and informs any non-conformity which is not exposed in the QC report after the receipt of the parts, we treat your quality claim promptly with seriousness. Your project manager will come back to you for a clear understanding of the problem and then,

– Make an analysis of the causes

– Launch an action plan and propose you the resolutions

After an analysis of the causes, we propose resolutions and define together the final option. The action will be quickly executed after the agreement of our client and preventive measures will be organize internally if necessary.


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