Below is a list of specific technical standards and specifications that our parts can meet:

Fire resistance – UL94-VO:

  • In CNC machining, we use ABS and PC materials.
  • In vacuum casting, we manufacture your parts from Heicast 8260 resin.

Food Grade:

  • In vacuum casting, we use Heicast 8150 resin to obtain compatible parts for the food environment.

UV resistance:

  • In CNC, PMMA is the natural answer to this problem.
  • In vacuum casting, we offer UV-resistant parts made of PX 5211 material (PX 521HT) from the supplier Axson.

High-temperature resistance:

  • In CNC, we can assure parts resistant to high temperatures made of PPS (240°C) and PEEK (260°C).
  • In vacuum casting, we offer UP6061 (240°C) manufactured by Axson.

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