Custom extrusion : aluminum and plastic profiles

Prototech Asia offers an aluminum and plastic extrusion service for custom manufacturing of tubes and profiles in small quantities. Produced in large quantities by extrusion suppliers, it is usually difficult to obtain small quantities or prototype parts. Specialist in prototyping and small series: we developed our custom extrusion capabilities to meet this need for small series while remaining as competitive as possible. 

Our production times vary from ten days to a few weeks, depending on the extrusion projects. We work in small and large dimensions, various shapes (tubes, pipes, profiles, cables, joints) and in various plastic materials and aluminum alloys.

For the production of your custom aluminum and plastic profiles, we rely on a fleet of presses and complete extrusion lines. We also have high-performance machining centres (CNC, electro-erosion) for die design and re-machining operations.


Exemples of products made by extrusion

Aluminium Profile – Robotic
Aluminium profile – Assembly – Anodization
Aluminium profile – Battery casing
Profile PVC – Briliant polish

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Custom extrusion manufacturer

Extrusion (or ‘spinning’) consists of turning an aluminum alloy or plastic material into specific shapes that meet your specifications and part plans. The material (plastic or aluminum billet) is inserted into a cylinder (matrix) and then pressed through an extrusion die to give it the desired shape.

Controlling the temperature throughout the process is crucial to obtain the target characteristics (surface condition, dimensional tolerances, mechanical resistance). We attach great importance both to the quality of the profiles we produce and their final appearance.

extrusion de pièces plastique par prototech asia

After verification (and optimisation) of your 3D design by our in-house design office, we launch the conception and machining of the extrusion die. Once this step is finished, we launch the production of the parts.

Then comes a cooling phase and finally the completion: the cutting operations (in section) and machining operations (tapping, drilling, punching, etc.) are conducted in our workshop. Different finishes (polishing, sand-blasting, brushing etc.) and surface treatments (anodizing, colour) are applicable depending on the specific need.  

General characteristics of the extrusion: 

– Tolerances: we work with tolerances from ± 0.02 mm
– Dimensions of sections: according to the part, up to 2 m 
– Wall thickness: from 0.25 mm
– Weight of the profiles: from 0.003 kg/metre

extrusion de pièces aluminium par prototech asia

Custom plastic extrusion

During plastic extrusion, the thermoplastic material enters a heated tube equipped with a worm screw. The soft material is then pushed and compressed through the die and formed into the desired shape.

For the extrusion of tubes and plastic profiles, we work with different materials including PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyethylene, polyamide etc. We can also make bi-material parts, transparent parts, flexible parts, etc.

Custom aluminum extrusion

In aluminum extrusion, an aluminum alloy billet (the 6000 series is the most commonly used) is heated (to 450-500°) and then pressed through the steel die and formed into the desired shape.

Aluminum and extruded plastic are commonly used in architecture: verandas, windows, doors, structures, curtain walls, blinds, etc. There are also applications in a wide variety of industries: electronics, furniture, medicine, aeronautics, automobile, rail, etc.

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