Rapid Plastic Injection Molding

Our rapid plastic injection molding solutions are specially adapted to the production of prototypes and small series of plastic parts (from 100 to 1000+ parts). Inspired by traditional molding techniques, we inject your plastic parts using an aluminum prototype mold (or rapid tooling). The results achieved with this technique are equivalent to series molds. The robustness, mechanical properties and industrialization information are identical.

The design of our injection rapid tooling is based on a standard ‘mold base’ frame and interchangeable aluminum core and cavity inserts. This reduces the investment costs and production times inherent in plastic injection. This is our rapid production technique which is the most expensive. However, it makes it possible to obtain functional parts made from the ‘right material’. They can be marketed or used in transition production.


Example of plastic parts produced with prototype rapid toolings :

Case for medical sector
UL94-Vo and biocompatible
Ball boy
Multi-material assembly
Case for electric charger
Pitch changing (golf)
Stainless insert

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What is a prototype mold

The ‘prototype mold’, or ‘rapid plastic injection tooling’ is based on the same principle as series plastic injection molds, but has a simplified and accelerated design. It is also not intended for long-term use. The use of a common mold base and aluminum for the molding parts makes it possible to reduce investment costs and machining time. Production of the prototyping mold takes between 2 and 4 weeks and is 40 to 60% less expensive than a traditional mold. The cost and design time of the mold depends on the shape complexity of the part to be molded. After a complete analysis of your plastic parts, our design office creates the tooling plan of your mold. We then start its production according to your specifications.

Proto Mold

Prototype mold for rapid injection molding

This process consists of injecting a molten polymer (thermoplastic material) into the prototype tooling under high pressure. The plastic material is then cooled and solidifies, taking on the shape of your part. This prototyping technique allows the use of a very large range of ‘right material’ resins. The overmolding of metal inserts and the production of parts incorporating two materials is possible.


Uses and applications of prototypes molds

The speed of a prototype with the quality of an injection part

In rapid prototyping, the use of a prototype mold for plastic injection, therefore, makes it possible to obtain small series using the right material at a lower cost and in reduced time. It is a very good solution for testing your concept quickly and cheaply. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of the final part. You, therefore, obtain reliable information (mechanical, geometric, assembly and industrialization) on the final parts as well as the subsequent production of a series injection mold.

Producing a prototyping mold also serves the following purposes:

  • Marketing needs: production of promotional parts, prototypes or pre-series to test a market
  • To accelerate a product’s access to its market
  • To make the transition to a series production mold during the design phase
  • Needs of on-demand production


Application of prototype mold in the field of rapid prototyping

This technique allows the production of small series that are close to reality. The applications of plastic injection molding are very varied. They are particularly useful in the automotive, packaging, medical, and electronics sectors.

Cases, cowlings and hulls are examples of parts that we produce very regularly. In a field that requires many tests and certificates, such as the medical sector, the plastic injection can satisfy the regulatory requirements and constraints. (Find out more on our page about standards.)

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Comments (11)

  • Lee Smith in Brighton UK Reply

    Hello, I have 3D drawings for a project. I would like a quote for injection molding or your prototype mold system. Thank you

    18 May 2022 at 6 h 28 min
  • shikhar from india Reply

    I would like to enquire more about injection moulding tool for plastic items. my whatsapp no. is 0091-97296-00007

    14 February 2022 at 14 h 24 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Hello Shikhar,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We will contact you by email to have more information about your injection molding project.

      Prototech Team

      15 February 2022 at 2 h 16 min
      • Nikita in Delhi Reply

        I want to get a mould made for a new product

        28 March 2022 at 12 h 04 min
        • Prototech Reply

          Hello Lee !

          Thank you for your message.
          One of our project manager is going to contact you very soon to discuss about your project.

          Have a great day ,
          Prototech Team

          18 May 2022 at 6 h 51 min
  • Gary + Western Australia Reply

    What format file do I need to send?

    19 April 2021 at 13 h 44 min
    • Prototech Reply


      Thank you for your comment.
      Best format would be : STP / IGS / XT.
      I you could provide one of these please we could quote your project.

      Best !
      Team Prototech Asia

      10 May 2021 at 4 h 09 min
  • Jordan in Melbourne, Australia Reply

    Hi There,

    I am looking to get some toothbrushes made,
    What would you need to create the mould?

    Would you just need my CAD design of the toothbrush, or do you need a CAD design of the mould itself?



    3 December 2020 at 8 h 18 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Hello Jordan,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We would only need the CAD design of the toothbrush, CAD design of mold would be done by us.
      On of our project manager will reach to you by email to have more information about you injection molding project.

      Prototech Team

      5 December 2020 at 5 h 43 min
  • Manish verma Reply

    I need to make a piece of plastic weight approx 50grams for that how to proceed

    24 August 2020 at 6 h 53 min
    • Prototech Reply


      Thank you for you comment.
      We would need you specifications to advice and quote you : CAD files, volume required, material etc.

      Prototech Team

      24 August 2020 at 7 h 02 min


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