Rapid protoyping services in China: presentation of Prototech Asia

About our rapid prototyping company


Prototech is a French company based in China, providing rapid prototyping services and high quality finishes to manufacture your parts.  Specialized subsidiary of Unimold Asia, our factory is located south of Shanghai in Zhejiang province.

Nowadays doing rapid prototyping in China is a real advantage for your business or projects. Professional rapid prototyping  and small series of plastic and metal parts made in China is now possible thanks to our services.

Rapid prototyping in China with Prototech Asia

Our design office consists of three designers specialising in digital modelling. We are able to accept all your CAD (Computer Aided Design) files (IGS, STP, X_T, CATIA, etc.) and thus assist you in optimising your plans. Prototech offers the most advanced rapid prototyping technologies which are more efficient than 3D printing to guarantee production that meet your requirements.

With 100% French management and means of production in Asia, Prototech guarantees high-quality service at competitive prices. We operate in automotive, electronics, food, consumer goods and many other industries that rely on rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping service in China is the future of innovation and it is Prototech’s duty to advise companies in their project. Rapid prototyping service in China offers an opportunity to support your innovation and your new generation of product. Our mission is to provide the best added-value of rapid prototyping service in China to our customers. Developing new generation products has never been easier with the rapid prototyping service in China offered by Prototech.

Our 5 Strengths


With production in Asia, Prototech can guarantee you very competitive rates.


Receive your prototype parts by TNT courier within 3 to 15 working days.


A dynamic and qualified French team will meet all your expectations.


We offer different technologies to meet your various needs.


The 3D files remain with us internally.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on rapid prototyping services from China!

Or contact us directly by email at info@prototechasia.com

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