Prototyping hard plastic miniature toys

Making stories, playing history, we probably all have a little nostalgia playing with miniature toys when we were young. These toys can sometimes be very realistic, with very precise details so as to fully immerse you in this imaginary [...]

Meet Prototech team at Plast Eurasia 2018

Protototech and Unimold team will be exhibiting at Plast Eurasia 2018, the 28th International Istanbul Plastic Industry Fair, from the 5th to 8th of December. With more than 1000 companies exhibiting and 50 000 professional visitors, Plast Eurasia is [...]

Are real Prototypes redundant?

Digital Prototyping (or 3D Conceptions) plays a key role in your product development process and will impact its whole life cycle. Due to the degree of quality and precision that Digital Prototyping offers, it sometimes raises the question of [...]

Production of metal small series

Rapid prototyping being inherent to innovation, new technologies have been arising and offering new possibilities for the production of metal parts (for more information you can consult our page focused on metal rapid prototyping). Formerly, CNC Machining was used [...]

CNC Machining vs. Injection Molding

Before investing in the manufacturing of a metal or aluminum injection mold (prototype mold), you may firstly want to test the part in the context of a pilot series. This is why CNC Machining appears as the best option [...]

Connected objects for the sports sector

About the customer Overhand Fitness is a young start-up company offering a new concept in connected devices to optimise sports training. It offers high-tech products enabling you to monitor various data related to the physical effort made during training sessions. [...]

We are going international

Since we’ve already completed many international projects from countries all over the world like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, India, China and so on, we want to give our customers the opportunity to get to know us personally. In [...]

Our coloration methods

PROTOTECH SOLUTION FOR 3D RAPID PROTOTYPING Our workshop is able to obtain colours very close to the RAL and PANTONE references to ensure the manufacturing of prototypes and small series of plastic parts that are as close as possible to [...]