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Below are some examples of rapid prototyping projects implemented in the past with different technical constraints:

Power supply box of a hair dryer

Initial need: The customer needed to make 20 complete assemblies that were mechanically functional and aesthetic. The parts had to be used under real conditions by end users over a period of several months.

Sector: Electrical.

Technical constraints: A PCB and a 220V socket had to be assembled on the parts. The shells were designed to provide resistance to a temperature of 90°C and to withstand drop tests.  The grey trim is a separate part that clips onto the top case.

Prototech solution: We created these sets with PC machining to respect the mechanical properties with painting and sandblasting to ensure an appearance that is as close as possible to the series part.

Bluetooth optical meter

Customer needs: The customer wanted to create a small series of connected objects in 200 copies for the launch of a new product with a strict lead time (2 weeks).

Sector: Electrical/Medical

Technical constraints: The parts had to be assembled perfectly to allow the precise assembly of all elements (PCB, optical lens, etc.). The meter had to be used in the warehouse and needed to not be scratched or damaged quickly.

Prototech solution: We created these sets with vacuum casting of PU similar to ABS. On the exterior, we applied a paint with a hardening treatment.

Connected object for footballer

Customer needs: This project required creating a small series of parts to be used in real conditions (fixed to the legs of footballers) to validate the design of this innovative product.

Sector: Electrical/Sport

Technical constraints: This assembly consisted of 5 parts, one with an overmoulding. The glass had to allow the reflection of an LED without it being completely transparent and making the LED visible.

Prototech solution: We created these sets with vacuum casting. The overmoulding perfectly simulates the enclosure of the black parts in their light blue base. For the reflection of the LED, we sanded the opposite part slightly to make it opalescent.

Electric case of solar controller

Customer needs: As part of a pilot test, the customer needed 5 parts that were as close as possible to the future series parts within ten days.

Sector: Electrical

Technical constraints: The parts had to be fitted with several subassemblies. They had to be used in real conditions and meet the UL 94-V0 standard.

Prototech solution: We created these parts with ABS machining according to the UL 94-V0 standard and applied a glossy white paint.

Automotive handbrake parts

Customer needs: The client needed 50 sets made from the right material.

Sector: Automobile

Technical constraints: The parts had to be in the final material to be as close as possible to the future series production.

Prototech solution: We created these parts by POM machining with high-polishing.

Appearance part for luminaire

Customer needs: The Thomas Durantel design company presented us with a project to produce prototypes of luminaire parts.

Sector: Decoration

Technical constraints: The parts had to be perfectly transparent, because an LED system was placed inside.

Prototech solution: Our workshop created the parts with CNC machining of PMMA with a mirror polishing .

Decorative item

Customer needs: We were asked to create a decorative item to be presented at an art exhibition.

Sector: Decoration

Technical constraints: This project involved a technical and financial constraint. In fact, the part had to be visually beautiful with a perfectly smooth and tidy surface. Nevertheless, the customer, who is an individual, had a limited creative budget.

Prototech solution: To obtain the visual finish desired by the customer with an economical solution, the part was produced by CNC from ABS and painted with glossy white paint.


Customer needs: The customer needed two copies of a tube of lipstick.

Sector: Cosmetics, luxury.

Technical constraints: The purpose of this prototype was to validate the visual and functional appearance of the part before series launch. The prototype had to be as close as possible to the series reality.

Prototech solution: We created the three elements of the part from PU ABS using the vacuum casting process. The upper part and the base were produced in a glossy finishing, while the hoop was chrome-plated. All three parts were given a glossy finishing.

Waterproof flexible parts

Customer needs: Create a small series of 30 copies from a flexible material for functional parts.

Sector: Lighting

Technical constraints: This is a moisture insulation part to be placed at the back of a lighting device. The part had to maintain its characteristics between -20°C and + 50°C and had to be waterproof against immersion. To do this, an undercut was present in the diameter to assure this waterproofing.

Prototech solution: Our workshop opted to prototype this part in PU shore 70 with vacuum casting and a high-polishing finish.

Bathtub and deckchair

Customer needs: This file included two large-scale parts (bathtub and deck chair). The customer wanted to validate the design of its new model and make a presentation at a trade show.

Sector: Childcare

Technical constraints: The parts were of large size. In addition, the drain plug had to be flexible and be able to fit into the bathtub.

Prototech solution: Our team machined in CNC with ABS with a high-polishing finish. The plug was created with vacuum casting.

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