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A plastic prototype maker is a company offering prototyping services. The intervention spectrum usually ranges from 3D basic analysis to completion of the parts and their delivery.

How to make a plastic prototype of your invention?

The first step is the making of the 2D or 3D drawings. Those elements will modelize the parts and its geometry. After been submitted to the prototyping company or upon production of a first draft, the design can be revised. We also offer validation parts as a way to ensure client satisfaction regarding the whole order. Once produced, the prototypes are submitted to quality control and can be displayed to pass tests. The prototype may eventually be used by the inventor. Do not hesitate to share your project with us. Our team will give you its opinion to help you out.

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Role of the plastic prototype maker

Although not in charge of the 3D files conception he may give his opinion on it. It does happen that some areas on the drawings would be undoable in reality or useless.

The prototyping company will analyze the specifications and match it with his technical abilities. He may offer material and technology to produce the parts according to the client specifications. Then once the production has begun, he needs to follow the good unrolling until the final achievement. Finally, he still has to take care of finishing usually through manual interventions.

Designing product with plastic prototype maker

A prototyping company may give advice concerning the part geometry and the selection of materials and process to comply with the specifications. According to the latter, the plastic prototyping company may give ideas to optimize the production and suggest a revision of the design.

Finish treatments of the rapid prototype produced parts

A prototype maker can apply different surface treatments on the parts. Here are some of them that our workshop offers:

Example of the Finish “High-polishing”

  • High-polishing: basic finishing removing post-machining asperities
  • Painting and mass dyed color: parts are painted or pigmented according to RAL / PANTONE range
  • Matte finishing: parts are sandblasted
  • Glossy paint: high-gloss paint is applied on the plastic parts
  • Mirror finish: to obtain transparent and translucent parts. They can be slightly colored and an adjusted sandblasted enables to control the degree of opacity
  • Mate finishing: textured surface mimicking grains
  • Soft touch: gives a rubber rendering


In addition, we go beyond usual prototyping limitations with parts very similar to small series. Indeed, applications such as living hinges and over molding of inserts enable the manufacture of functional parts.

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Comments (6)

  • Roger Reply

    As your facility is located in China, do you have any after sales services located in Europe that can rework the parts if needed?

    5 February 2018 at 17 h 08 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear Roger,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      Yes, we have several partners located in France that will remain available to work your pieces if a change needs to be made.

      The Prototech Team

      6 February 2018 at 3 h 09 min
  • Mohamed Reply

    Hi, do you delivery worldwide? My office is located in Iran

    25 January 2018 at 9 h 20 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear Sir,

      Yes, we deliver worldwide. We work with express deliveries

      26 January 2018 at 2 h 50 min
  • David Reply

    Hello do you provide soft touch finishing? What is the final rendering? Do you have a large panel of finishings?

    23 January 2018 at 10 h 17 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear David,
      Many thanks for your comment,

      We provide a selection of several finishes including glossy, mirror, high polishing, matt paint, chromed, anodized, soft touch and sand blasting. However, not all finishes are available for each material. If you send us your 3D file, we are able to advise you on the finishes available for the material you wish to use.

      Have a good day!

      The Prototech Team

      24 January 2018 at 2 h 28 min


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