Case Study: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for Customized Batteries Manufacturing Project

Case Study: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for Customized Batteries Manufacturing Project

Project Details:

  • Product: Cell Holder for Customized Batteries
  • Technologies: CNC, Vacuum Casting, Rapid Injection
  • Materials: ABS, PUABS V0, PAGF30
  • Finishing: Mass Dyed, Simple Polishing
  • Timeline: 16 days/1st Order, 26 Days/2nd Order, 27 days/3rd Order
  • Quantity: 24 pieces for CNC, 90 pieces for Vacuum Casting, 4000 pieces for Injection Molding

Client Background:

Our client is a prominent French player in the electric market, specializing in energy storage systems. They produce custom lithium batteries for various sectors, focusing on small-scale production to meet specific client needs.

Technical Challenges and Solutions:

Prototech guided the client through prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and mass production, adapting to varying order quantities and budget constraints.

Stage 1: Prototyping

Challenge: The primary challenge during the prototyping phase was the high cost associated with producing small quantities of the cell holder. Traditional manufacturing methods would have been economically unviable for such limited quantities.

Solution: To address this challenge, Prototech utilized CNC machining due to its exceptional speed and precision. CNC machining offered significant advantages in terms of efficiency and accuracy, making it the ideal choice for producing the initial batch of 24 pieces.

Stage 2: Low-Volume Manufacturing

Challenge: During the low-volume manufacturing stage, one of the key challenges was ensuring that the complex shape of the cell holder could be accurately simulated for functional testing. Additionally, maintaining flatness and tolerance levels across multiple pieces presented a significant hurdle.

Solution: Prototech tackled these challenges by meticulously designing vacuum casting molds and selecting materials for consistent flatness and tolerance levels. We developed specialized functional testing tools for precise evaluation and adjustment of each piece. Deformation adjustment jigs were employed to correct any discrepancies, ensuring the final products met specifications.

Stage 3: Mass Production

Challenge: Transitioning from low-volume manufacturing to mass production posed a unique challenge due to the substantial initial investment required for the transition. While mass production offered the potential for significant cost savings in the long run, the upfront costs needed to be carefully managed.

Solution: Prototech chose rapid injection molding for mass production, despite the initial investment. This method provides industrial precision and tighter tolerances, resulting in consistent quality and lower production costs per unit. This strategic investment enabled Prototech to meet production goals while remaining competitive in the market.


  • Successful scaling from 24 to 4000 pieces.
  • Managed cost-effectiveness through varied manufacturing processes.
  • Achieved desired precision and minimized deformations through careful planning and control measures.

By guiding the client through diverse manufacturing challenges, Prototech ensured efficient production and cost optimization, demonstrating our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions.

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