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CNC machining is a branch of mechanical engineering and includes subcategories like CNC Turning, drilling, and milling.

Prototech Asia: CNC machining company in China

Prototech Asia, CNC machining company has a reliable team of manual workers and engineers at your disposal. Indeed, with experience gained from projects involving various activities our CNC machining company is used to work with any kind of industries. The reception of a customer inquiry starts by analyzing the project specifications and drawings by one of our project manager.

In the next step, the information is transferred to our engineers who will check the feasibility, point out any technical difficulties and offer tailored solutions. You will receive an answer with a quotation including price and delivery time. Once a project is launched, we do keep you inform of any unexpected event and follow every steps of the production with you.

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Basic elements about CNC machining

Many daily life commodities and technical products (smartphones, aircrafts, cars…) consist of hundreds or thousands of parts, which need to be assembled. To ensure this, engineers conceive technical drawings with adjusted geometries. Then, a prototyping company must select the best process to manufacture the parts. CNC machining offers both advantages and disadvantages over vacuum casting and 3D Printing.

How to select a CNC machining company?

The process of selecting the right CNC machining company depends firstly on your needs. Therefore you may ask yourself if the CNC machining company is flexible enough to match your parts’ specifications. For instance, the choice of your CNC machining company will depend on quality required, level of accuracy, precision of details and available materials.

Machines, finishing and available materials are therefore major components to describe the technical abilities of a prototype maker. We may divide required skills and equipment according to whether the parts should be functional or visual, albeit many projects require both.

Quality of visual parts highly results from finishing and details. In some cases, a finishing like soft touch or mirror is necessary to obtain a prototype similar to an injected part. Moreover, high-polishing or glossy paint might be necessary to give the right rendering to the parts.

When it comes to functional parts, the good material is an important aspect as it will match the mechanical or chemical constraints the plastic parts is intended to meet. Material is also important to comply with some norms. Additionally, accuracy is also essential as functional parts are often used for tests in laboratories and research centers. Prototypes often need to simulate an injected part in several technical and physical regards.

Other elements linked to the equipment of the CNC machinig company include the number of machines, their age and how often the prototype maker changes them. Machines might also be divided according to their axis number.

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Comments (6)

  • Mady Reply

    What is your most resistant material available, I will need few parts for outside application but I can’t afford to replace the parts will be damaged or broken

    5 February 2018 at 17 h 12 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear Mandy,

      Many thanks for your comment,

      We can recommend the polycarbonate material as it has great features such as anti-aging, UV protection and a great resistance to shocks and damages.

      The Prototech Team

      6 February 2018 at 3 h 13 min
  • Hugo L Reply

    Could you please explain the difference about producing metals parts by CNC machine or by 3D printing, I would like to understand this new tendency

    2 February 2018 at 14 h 11 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear Sir,

      Many thanks for your comment,
      Metal parts are recommended to be produced by a CNC machine thanks to the high precision of the parts. If you require a functional part, we would fully advise this type of production.

      The Prototech Team

      3 February 2018 at 6 h 44 min
  • Charlotte Reply

    As I am just needed a prototype to validate the launching of the new product, what will be advantage for producing one set in China?

    31 January 2018 at 16 h 33 min
    • Prototech Reply

      Dear Charlotte,

      Many thanks for your question,

      We know from experience that budgets for product launches are sometimes tight and need to respect strict deadlines. At Prototech Asia, we can produce prototypes with the right materials and a good looking finish that will match your expectations. Even parts that need a lot of attention from our staff will be at a more advantageous price than our competitors.

      The Prototech Team

      1 February 2018 at 4 h 45 min


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