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aluminium structure

Machining of metal parts

Prototech Asia makes you benefit from its experience in the machining of metal parts. Prototypes or small series, we manufacture your metal parts in a timely manner: we analyze your 3D file and you receive your quotation within a [...]

Proto Mold

Prototype mold or series mold ?

Plastic injection molds can be used for both rapid prototyping and end-use production of plastic parts. Be it for a pilot series of 200 to millions of parts, the injection process will mostly remain the same. Plastic injection molding [...]

Midest 2019 - Prototech Asia

Coming exhibitions for Prototech Asia

In the coming months, Prototech Asia will be attending plastic exhibitions and trade fairs in France and Europe. We will be delighted to meet you during these particular events. These are great occasions to forge new relationships and to [...]

3D Design for Prototype

3 things to know when designing your part

When designing your plastic or metal part, the ultimate goal is to achieve a technically accurate design that functions well and can be later cost-effectively manufactured. Designing a 3D Part is difficult and crucial. It takes time and patience [...]

prototech 2019

Together in 2019

Prototech team wish you all a lovely festive season and the best for your projects in 2019. We had the chance to work on many great projects this year and we deeply thank you for the confidence you put [...]

Pièce drone, moulage silicone

Small series of drone plastic parts

Be it for video production, security or measurement applications, the drone (or UAV) economy has been booming these past few years. New technologies emerged really fast on the market, with contentious improvements and new capabilities for the end users. [...]


Prototyping a smart device for industrial application

Industry 4.0 (or digitization of manufacturing) widely spread these past years making industrial environments more and more connected and automated. Be it for productivity, monitoring, safety or environmental applications etc., new technologies dramatically changed the way we evolve. Worker [...]