Category no. 1: Decorative parts

Category no. 1: Decorative parts

In this news update, we present the first category of parts making use of rapid prototyping. This relates to 3D prototyping applied to objets d’art. These parts are intended for artistic, decorative and architectural environments. Our workshop often undertakes this kind of project for which the visual dimension is paramount.


These parts are used in decorative art, for example in art exhibitions. As a result, the partners are mostly designers and artists. For example, we frequently work with the design studio Thomas Durantel design. The major constraint in this type of file is the need to respect the artistic concept of the project. The latter encompasses, in particular, the aesthetic appearance, including the rendering of the touch as well as the visual identity of the project. To achieve this, Prototech offers a wide range of finishes to create parts as close to reality as possible.

Prototech solutions

Here are several examples of projects implemented by our workshop for the decorative sector. These are two lamps and an art piece. As these parts are intended to be presented at art events, they needed to be very beautiful visually. Indeed, the appearance had to be particularly elegant. We, therefore, ensured an optimal surface treatment by using polished-mirror and paint finishes.

Lamp with LED

The above part was created with 3D machining and in the correct material, PMMA. The surfaces had to be free of scratches and other imperfections because LEDs were placed inside. A polished-mirror finish was applied to give the level of transparency requested by the customer.

Lamp with LED 2

This prototype consisting of two domes to be nested was produced by CNC machining. The upper part was made of the material PMMA with a polished-mirror finish. The lower part was made of ABS with a white paint finish.

Item exhibited in an art gallery


Our workshop created this part in the correct ABS material with a glossy white paint finish. It was subsequently exhibited in an art gallery.


Our workshop is able to produce prototypes that satisfy high demands in terms of visual quality. Our mastery of vacuum duplication and 3D machining technologies and the many finishes we offer to allow us to design projects for the decorative and artistic sectors.

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