Galvanized parts

Galvanized parts

Production of the Project

Prototech Asia has produced parts for an automotive customer. Our workshop performed this service with a galvanized parts finish. Galvanization is covering the surface of a part with a thin layer of metal. This finish gives a chrome appearance to the parts. The chrome plating is also functional because it protects against corrosion. You can see a photo of the parts:



Pièces chromées

Pièces chromées

We created a set of 50 prototypes, 25 “right” and 25 “left”. Our team decided to use vacuum casting with PU similar to ABS. The vacuum duplication is relevant for a quantity greater than 10 parts. PU similar to ABS is suitable for projects without special technical constraints.

How is the material and technology selected? Our workshop analyzes the feasibility of your project and then selects the material and technology according to different parameters:

  • Possible technical constraints of the parts
  • Quantity of parts
  • End use of the parts
  • Finish required

This study of your parts is based on your 2D and/or 3D files. It is very common for our team to produce your plastic prototypes by combining several technologies and materials.

End use of the parts

The customer was very satisfied with the result. You can read its comments in our “references/testimonials” section. The prototypes could be used on series vehicles. They were delivered quickly in France, allowing the customer to produce the mold. Our team has experience in the production of both functional and visual parts. Many of our parts have been sold by our customers following mechanical and esthetic tests.

Prototech solution

Our technicians are able to produce your parts with a chrome finish. This finish is applicable to plastic and metal parts. Our workshop is also able to chrome-plate your parts with CNC machining and vacuum casting. Several colors are available. For more information about our available finishes, please visit the page “Finishes” on our website.


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