Paint and mass dyed finishes

Paint and mass dyed finishes


With CNC machining and vacuum duplication, our workshop proposes several coloring methods. First, we can apply a paint to the surface of the parts. Secondly and only in vacuum casting, we are able to dye them in the mass. As regards the latter method, the material used is dyed, giving the part a color on the surface as well as in the thickness. Our technicians are able to obtain shades that are very close to the RAL and PANTONE references of your choice.

Examples of rapid prototyping projects

1) Painted Parts

A customer working in consulting contacted us to create his presentation model. It was an assembly requiring the production of colored parts in different PANTONE colors. The aim was to validate a visual and functional appearance for the production of a small series. From a visual point of view, there was a purple gradation with a total of 6 different PANTONE references: 268, 267, 266, 265, 264, 263.  Functionally, it was necessary to ensure the interlocking of the parts with one another. The prototypes consisted of a central plateau and several cones positioned at 10 levels. Our workshop produced the parts with vacuum casting of PU material similar to ABS because the project contained many parts. The finish was done with paint.

Some photos of the parts:

Maquette de présentation Maquette de présentation paint 3

2) Mass dyed parts

Prototech Asia was requested to produce 10 sets of parts. Our customer is in the nautical field. The parts had to allow the assembly and disassembly of a metal tube several times in its housing. The customer wanted to create a presentation for a pilot test. This proto step was necessary to finalize the details of a new product before the industrialization phase. Its prototypes had to be in the matte color RAL 6001. It was important to obtain a smooth surface that retains the color despite friction and possible scratches from the assembly and disassembly of the metal tube. Our team therefore performed the production with vacuum casting of PU similar to ABS with mass dying. Despite several successive assemblies, the housing that receives the tube remained functional and had the same green color.


Photo of the part:

Technologie : Duplication sous vide Matière : PU simili PA6 Finition : teinté masse

For more information, please visit the page “Finishes” on our website. You can also see other examples of our creations in vacuum casting and CNC machining in our “showroom” category.



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