Our coloration methods

Our coloration methods


Our workshop is able to obtain colors very close to the RAL and PANTONE references to ensure the manufacturing of prototypes and small series of plastic parts that are as close as possible to reality. We offer three different finishes to obtain the color of the machined and molded parts.

Three available methods


Plastic CNC-machined parts made of PPS reinforced in glass fiber without paint finish


First, the color of the parts can be obtained without finishing by using the natural color of the material. For example, the ABS material of CNC parts is naturally beige. In addition, in vacuum casting the reference 8260 from Heicast is available in white or black color. However, the absence of a finish limits the available shades. To mimic a specific RAL or Pantone, it is advisable to apply a paint finish or a mass dyed color.



Parts produced by vacuum silicone molding with a wide range of RAL colors


Secondly, we can paint all 3D prototypes in vacuum casting and CNC parts made of ABS material. Other plastic machining materials are generally difficult to paint and a paint finish will not provide an optimal visual finish. We are also able to add a layer of paint to the surface of prototypes obtained from PU PC, allowing us to use the mechanical characteristics of transparent materials without being limited in terms of coloration.



Part made by molding prototype

Thirdly, a mass color finish allows us to color the surface of silicone vacuum casted parts as well as the thickness. In addition, mass color parts do not have the disadvantage of the excess paint layer, which can influence the dimensions and critical zone tolerances. This finish is available only in silicone molding since a dye is added to the liquid material which will be inserted into the vacuum silicone mold.




These processes are specific to 3D prototypes in vacuum molding and plastic machining. Other coloration methods are also available for metal machining projects. These are powder paint finishes for metal surfaces, electroplating, chrome plating and anodizing.

More information about our finishes in plastic and metal machining and vacuum silicone molding is available here. Our company also offers several applications in CNC machining and vacuum mold casting.


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