Prototyping of large parts

Prototyping of large parts

The dimensions of the parts can be problematic in rapid prototyping. Generally, beyond 600 mm many rapid prototyping companies have limited capabilities. Our team is capable of prototyping large plastic parts with CNC machining and vacuum duplication. We are able to produce parts up to 2000 mm in length and 1000 mm in height.

In this case, we are often obliged to produce the part into several pieces and stick them together. If so, we will inform you during the costing.  These bonded parts are virtually invisible after we have applied the finish, and the mechanical strength of the parts remains very high. The most suitable material for this type of prototype is ABS.

Examples of rapid prototyping projects for large parts

Example 1:

Prototech Asia was asked to do a rapid prototyping project consisting of two large parts. It consisted of a bathtub and a lounger for an infant. The dimensions were 795 x 565 x 220 mm and 548 x 205 x 190 mm respectively. The parts had to be functional and visual. A technical constraint was present in the bathtub because a flexible drain plug had to be able to fit into it. Our team machined the parts with CNC from ABS with a glossy finishing. The plug was made by vacuum casting.

Photo du transat

Photo of lounger

Le bouchon en gros plan

Flexible drain plug in close-up

Photo de la baignoire

Photo of bathtub

Example 2:

An industrial design agency called on our expertise as a producer of plastic prototypes to create a set of large-sized parts. The dimensions of the largest part were 709 x 183 x 401 mm. The customer wanted to create these prototypes for physical tests. Due to the large size of the parts, we decided to produce them with CNC machining of ABS. High-polishing and Gray RAL 7016 paint were applied. You can see photos of the largest part of this project below:


Photo du verso de la pièce

Front of the part

Photo du verso de la pièce

Front of the part

Photo du recto de la pièce

Back of the part

For more information about the capabilities of Prototech Asia, please visit the page “Know-how” on our website. You can also see other examples of our creations in vacuum casting and CNC machining on the page our “showroom”.


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