Our UL94V0 materials

Our UL94V0 materials

Our UL94V0 materials

Prototech Asia offers you 3 materials complying with the UL94V0 standard: two with CNC machining (ABS and PC) and one with vacuum casting (Heicast 8260).

The UL94 symbol corresponds to a certificate issued if a material can withstand several tests of flammability and resistance to contact with flames. In rapid prototyping and the production of small series of plastic parts, UL94 materials allow your plastic parts that are machined or thermoplastically molded to be used in an environment containing flammable products and therefore passing the tests in real conditions.

The UL94 tests are based on contact between the product and a flame oriented either horizontally (test UL94HB) or vertically (tests UL94V0, UL94V1, UL94V2).

flamme horizontale

Horizontal flame to pass test UL94HB

flamme verticale

Vertical flame to pass tests UL94V0, V1 and V2









Of the three vertical flammability tests, V0, V1 and V2, the test V0 is the most demanding. The UL94V0 materials are particularly popular in electronics, for example for surrounding electrical cables.

Prototech Asia thus offers plastic machined or vacuum cast parts in conformity with the UL94V0 test, making it possible to produce plastic prototypes that can be used for functional and visual tests.

Below are the parts we made in ABS-UL94V0 for outdoor use under real conditions. You can view an analysis of this project here.


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